Vintage Advertising for the Distinguished Connoisseur

Founded by the late Sir Roger Delfont, ADSAUSAGE is a vintage advertising library with over 30,000 items. Since 2004, we've curated a wealth of vintage advertising spanning the past fifty years. If that wasn't enough, the database also includes a ridiculous amount of pop-culture, including special collections on fashion, film, design, Los Angeles history and much more.

Our goal is safeguarding important artifacts while we continue to ensure this valuable resource is 100% free. The library is a work in progress, and we continues to acquire unique content that is discoverable and accessible to the public.

Recent Ads

Hand selected by old-world craftsmen.

Sears / Sculptured Lace

Laura Scudder's Farm Fresh Mayonaisse

West Side Story

Vons / Pearls from Majorca

The Vaults

The vaults contain everything uncovered from long-lost collections found in Roger Delfont's warehouses. The content was acquired from his estate and contains a delicious helping of photographs, slides, postcards and magazine covers. With over 3000 items curated, it's an eclectic assortment of pop-culture fluffery we felt compelled to share.

So put the kettle on, grab a Custard Cream or two, and settle in...  This way to the Vault.


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