Vintage Las Vegas

Top selection of hotels and casino scenes from 1971-1977 (with a few earlier ones thrown in for good measure).

You'll find the following; Binions, Circus Circus, Dunes, The Four Queens, The Golden Nugget, The Hacienda, The Hotel Fremont, The Las Vegas Hilton, The International Hotel, Landmark Hotel, MGM Grand Hotel, The Mint, The Riviera, The Sahara, The Stardust, Thunderbird Motel, Pioneer Club and various scenes from Reno, Nevada.

"Las Vegas turns women into men and men into idiots."

Bugsy Siegel

"The nest egg is a very sacred thing."

David Howard. {Lost in America}. 1985

"As the boldest experiment in advertising history, you give us our money back."

David Howard. {Lost in America}. 1985


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