Walt Disney World - The Magic Kingdom

Disney World; an American institution and a titan of the theme park industry. An irrestible place responsible for generating a lifetime of saturated snapshots of childhood dreams and wide-eyed wonder. Rummage through a flea market bin of discarded photos, and you will no doubt unearth a number of small, badly taken faded images of vacation's gone by. Long lines and junk food, thrill rides and tired kids -- Walt Disney World had it all. I can personally vouch for that, as I endured a car ride from Boca Raton to Orlando in the summer of 1980, just to ride Space Mountain. Totally worth it.

Lastly, we‘ve continued our theme park collection, and added a few slides from Universal Studios, Hollywood.

America on Parade
America on Parade at Night
Contemporary Resort
Country Bear Jamboree
Disney Characters

"Tomorrow will be better for as long as America keeps alive the ideals of freedom and a better life."

Walt Disney

Hall of Presidents
Haunted Mansion
It‘s a Small World
Liberty Square
Main Street U.S.A.
New Orleans
Pirates of the Caribbean
Epcot Center - A Community of Ideas {1978}
Epcot Center / Future World - Communicore {1982}
Epcot Center / Future World - The Land {1982}
Epcot Center / Future World - Nighttime {1982}

Universal Studios


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