This sordid collection of tabloid newspapers arrived in a large brown paper bag. There is no excuse for some of the lurid headlines that were simply too distasteful to be taken seriously. That being said, they do represent something worth looking at, if only for the shock value. What the newspapers lacked in proper syntax when used in conjunction with correct usage of prepositions, they made up for with attention-getting headlines and dubious reporting.

Based in Chicago, the bargain-basement Candid Press dated back to the mid-1960s, a time when tabloids were labeled 'girlie magazines' and distributors found themselves fighting obscenity charges. Candid Press was later owned by another Chicago rag, The National Tattler, whose other literary works included the National Insider, the National News Exploiter, and the National Informer among its' tawdry titles.

Another veteran title was the National Star Chronicle, published by International Press Corporation in New York. And Denver's very own Rocky Mountain Oyster had little to do with salt-water mollusks. The late-1970's newspaper was sold in 2007.


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