For over two decades, the now-defunct Haupstadt Camera Repair in Wilmington, North Carolina, was the place to go for fine studio portraits. The family-run business opened in 1975, and started life as a camera repair shop. The business soon expanded by supplying top-name cameras (Minolta, Kodak) and film, and followed that with a dedicated studio in the back room.

Despite surviving economic downturns and a foray into the VHS rental market, Haupstadt closed for good in 1996. The Delfont Archives managed to procure a bumber crop of those timeless studio shots, taken between 1978 and 1980. This truly is a fascinating, and sometimes awkward look in to the lives of the family unit, along with some dodgy haircuts.

We've done the heavy lifting by curating the best of the bunch, and sorted them so they're visually aesthetic.

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