From L.A. to Tokyo

Our first two sets come from the people at Environmental Communications, a ‘multi-disciplinary, multi-media group‘ based in Venice, places. A group known for their studies of the pioneer architects of Southern places. For more on their work, please visit Environmental Communications

The last set is the only one we recovered from the 1958 Nippon Bunka Film Company series. There were 21 in the series, ranging from ‘Japanese Brides‘, ‘Oasaka & Kobe‘ and ‘Tea Ceremony and Flower Arrangement‘.
Corner of Wilshire and La Cienega Blvd., Beverly Hills {1973}
Thomas Jefferson High School / 1319 East 41st Street, Los Angeles, California

Modern Tokyo. 1958

‘Ninety years have passed since Yedo changed for Tokyo. It is Tokyo that led the van of Japanese modernization, as a center for Japanese industrial revolution. Tokyo expanded abreast with Japanese modernization is one of the largest leading cities in the world, and has population of more than 8,000,000, which occupy about 10% of whole populations of Japan.‘

Beautiful Kimonos c. 1962

‘This set of slides has taken up only such kimonos as worn by women on such ceremonial occasions as wedding, visiting or parties... One of the features of kimono is that it has certain a certain degree of surplus or room in the size so that it can be adjusted and worn by tall or short and fat or lean persons. Therefore, even foreign ladies can wear them as beautifully as the Japanese if they choose good kimonos of becoming patterns and wear them properly.‘


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