January 1970

Paris Theatre
 8163 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood, CA 90046

Adjacent to "PJ's", the West Coast Hollywood Theater Company operated this spot as the Carmel Theater during the 1930's (under the Fox banner later on). For a brief period toward the tail end of the 50's, the 300-seat Carmel was staging live theater - Yiddish star Molly Picon starred in a run of "The Farblondjet Honeymoon".

It was back to the big screen a few years later, this time with a new name - Paris Theatre. The updated West Hollywood venue offered everything from Russ Meyer's Eve and the Handyman to late-nite jazz concerts.

Keeping its rock solid X-rated programming, the venue adjusted the name to Paris Penthouse Theatre in 1969 and added an art gallery in the mezzanine. A brief attempt to stay alive with male erotica, followed by a fire in 1976 signaled the end.

The theater was razed to make way for a retail center in 1989.

July 1970

December 1971

By the late 1960's, Metromedia-owned KMET was considered a "sanctuary for dropouts" with shows such as Underground Sunshine (from former KPPC jocks Tom Donahue and B. Mitchell Reed) and Radio Free Oz (former KRLA jock Peter Bergman). The station was housed in the Metromedia West complex in Hollywood, which also counted Wolper Productions, KLAC and KTTV as tenants.

Under program director Sam Bellamy, KMET oversaw nightime rambler Jim Ladd - previously with KNAC and KLOS - and his Inner-View series, Mary Turner and Jeff Gonzer. The Top 10 station also had Flo and Eddie (Mark Volman and Howard Kaylan), Dr. Demento, and Brunch with Harry Shearer. Rounding out the station's impressive lineup were Ace Young and Pat Kelley.

But the station was losing its progressive-rock stronghold by the late-1970's to stations like KLOS. KMET general manager David Moorehead summed up the decline saying, "We just became too experimental, too esoteric... But with us, these past months, it was a fantasyland. The station was much too cluttered."

Within a few years, free-form KMET alumni Mike Harrison, Mary (The Burner) Turner and Demento all moved to Culver-City based Westwood One, founded by Norm Pattiz. Trailing KROQ (Rock of the 80's) and KLOS, critics accused the Mighty Met of ignoring punk and new-wave, stagnating in its heavy-metal format. By 1983, the station replaced comedy duo Langan and West with Cynthia Fox and Paraquat Kelly. Turner jumped ship to KROQ.

In an effort to fend off the barbs, KMET introduced Local Licks, a primetime show airing tracks from unsigned artists. Alas by 1987 it was too late. KMET enacted staff firings (Jim Ladd had recently been rehired) and was off the airwaves. Fellow station KFAC and Magic 106 had also recently seen the end as well. The dial transitioned into KTWV The Wave - a New Age jazz format without DJ's.

As Frank Cody explained in 1987, "The Wave is for people who grew up with music, but don't want to listen to 'Stairway to Heaven' anymore."

True to their word, Zeppelin never made a playlist, but Kenny Gee was in constant rotation with endless versions of Take Five. As for Jim Ladd, the radio veteran joined Roger Waters on his Radio KAOS World Tour and moved to KEDG (The Edge) and landed at KLSX. In 1991, Ladd departed terrestrial radio for a nightly gig on Sirius XM.

May 1972

May 1972

June 1972

June 1972

July 1972

Feminist Women's Health Center
 746 Crenshaw Blvd., Los Angeles CA 90019

Situated in what is now Koreatown, the Feminist Women's Health Center opened in April 1971 in a 12-room house by Carol Downer, Lorraine Rothman and Jennifer Burgess. The educational program was also known as the Women's Choice Clinic.

However, the clinic came under fire in 1972 when it faced charges of practicing medicine without a license. Investigators from the Department of Consumer Affairs searched the self-help center and found hypodermic needles, IUD's, rubber gloves, syringes, pap tests and menstrual extraction devices.

The menstrual extraction device that Rothman championed was presented as a means for regulating menstrual flow, and not a method for ending pregnancy. At the time, abortion was illegal. The sterile menstrual extraction kit, developed by Rothman, consisted of cannula (flexible tube) used in conjunction with suction from a syringe extracting the menses from the uterus - thus shortening the menstrual period down to a matter of hours.

Two members of staff were also arrested. One of those was Eagle Rock resident Carol Downer, was charged with diagnosing a women's yeast infection and treating it with yoghurt. Downer was later acquitted on the misdemeanor offence, which received widespread attention.

The building became residential apartments in 1988.

July 1972

July 1972

 13544 Ventura Blvd., Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

Calling itself A to Z Philosophy, this sexy Sherman Oaks "marriage counseling service" was run by Gene Berman. Unfortunately, Berman operated without a license, although his troubles didn't end there - he was found guilty of selling marijuana to an undercover agent in 1972.
September 1972


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