Roger Delfont used his wealth to diversify into the movie business. Setting up an office on Courtfield Road in London's Kensington district, it was quite productive. Using pseudonyms (under the advice of business partners), Roger backed two notable U.K. features; Killer Nympho in 1968, which run afoul of the BBFC (Britain's censorship board), due to excesive nudity, and the 1973 feature, Evil of Satan's Castle. However, Roger maintained a low-key presence in the film industry when he quietly assisted London's Scala Cinema with obtaining prints, many of which were shown during their legendary all-nighters in the late 1980's.

Thanks to Roger's foray into the film business, we unearthed a box of trade magazines found in the Kensington offices, and are pleased to offer a wonderful selection of drive-in and exploitation ads, the majority of which span the 1970's.

Your humble curator owes a debt of gratitude for the title to Richard Meyers, the author of 1983's seminal book on exploitation films, For One Week Only. Along with Danny Peary's Cult Movies, and Michael Weldon's Psychotronic Encyclopedia of Film from 1987, these books became required reading during my teenage years (a time when I was listening to 'Scritti Politti' and watching 'Black Adder' -- good reasons for not getting homework done).

Most many of the directors, producers and showmen have long since left us and the majority of distributors dissolved or had their libraries acquired.
1972-1975     1976-1978


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