LA Weekly 1978-2018
We continue our exploration of Los Angeles and its cultural backstory with an enviable collection of LA Weekly. And while its drastically less impressive today (thanks to unfortunate changes in leadership), the importance in mining its vast history cannot be overlooked.

Our collection barely dents the forty year time span, and much like our Los Angeles Free Press collection, the focus is on film and music. It's a nostalgic look at midnight movies at the Nuart, shopping for antique robes at Flip on Melrose, and bands with funny names playing Madame Wong's in Chinatown.
Los Angeles Free Press
L.A.'s legendary underground newspaper gets a thorough examination here. We've compiled a number of issues between 1966 and 1976, providing insightful essays on film, music and places of interest.

Offering a vast amount of historical significance, these issues shed a fascinating light from the days of KRLA and KMET, the Troubadour and the Whisky, Cinematheque-16 and psychedelic coffee shops along Fairfax Avenue.

The trip starts here…
Pictorial California
Continuing to build on our extensive collection of Los Angeles artifacts, we've curated a selection of Pictorial California and the Pacific.

The richly illustrated magazine ("24 pages in Rotogravure") was published by Eugene Swarzwald of Keystone Photo Services in downtown Los Angeles.
A visual rapid-fire excursion of vintageg ads and cinematic bits and bobs. All ads curated from the collection.

A gentle drive across town, from downtown to Santa Monica; set to the backdrop of vintage photographs and slides. No parking, no valet, no worries. A short visual trip featuring some of California's finest motels and hotels from the 1960s and 70s.
Los Angeles Magazine
The birth of Los Angeles Magazine humbly began in 1958 with four college friends working from a living room in Claremont. We explore the interesting history with over ninety issues, spanning the 1960s through to the 90s. After that, things got a bit naff.
Exemplary collection of vintage Los Angeles images, courtesy of Sawyer's View-Master reels. We've done the hard work, so no need to look to the light and squint (unless you think it helps).
B. Altmans
Christmas Catalog
The best bits from B. Altmans Christmas catalog from 1969. Easier than driving around Manhattan.
Homemaker Magazine
From the country that gave us Jackanory and Page 3 pinups... Homemaker. Put the kettle on for some mid-1960's British design.
Los Angeles Times Home
From 1961, the Los Angeles Times Home magazine printed a one-off featuring the best of home design.
Wilshire Center
50th Anniversary
Published by the Wilshire Press, April 1970
1970's Interiors
Presenting a unique archive of department store photos. These were professional shots taken for two East coast locations; comprising mostly of home interiors. Charge it!
Music Magazine Mayhem
I've been working relentlessly to bring you even more print goodness. And this collection includes a walloping dose of BAM Magazine. And closer to home are two notable publications from Hollywood - LA Rock Review and Rock City News.

Expect a fair amount of 1980's metal madness from a decadent time when unsigned hair bands with illegible typefaces played The Troubadour and Gazzarri's.
Los Angeles Times Home Magazine 1939-1985
Over 250 gorgeous covers are presented here as well as a ridiculous amount of articles and vintage advertising.
Los Angeles Times West Magazine 1966-1974
More Southern California history with the Los Angeles Times' other Sunday companion, West. Feast your eyes on the covers and stick around for the trip back to Montgomery Ward.
Los Angeles Herald-Examiner 1955-1970
Published by “The Chief”, a superlative array of Sunday morning satisfaction.
Goodbye, Baby
A much-needed look back at actress Susan Harrison.
Hotel California
Just checking in? Please enjoy the free continental breakfast in one of our modern, air-conditioned, beautifully furnished rooms. From luxurious national chains down to the family-run rustic motor lodge on the edge of town (the one with the dodgy-looking pool).
Stuff Magazine
L.A.'s inspiring magazine published by Steve Samiof - editor and publisher of late-70's music magazine Slash.

Modern Living
Gorgeous selection of 1960's and 70's architecural interiors. Copious amount of lush carpets and warm, muted colors. A place where Matt Helm and Neely O'Hara relax with cocktails and quaaludes.
Rave Magazine 1964-1969
Hop in a taxi from Regent Street wearing your latest John Stephen suit and head to the Cromwellian to hear Francoise Hardy or check out the scene at the Elbow Room on Carlisle Street. Around 3AM, take the tube from Tottenham Court Road and head for some grub at Chelsea Kitchen.
Walt Disney World
Widen your world and enjoy a mind-boggling collection of vintage slides from a time when the Pirates of the Caribbean chased maidens around.

The New Yorker Covers Collection
A stupendous collection of gorgeous covers from 1951 to 1966.
The New York Rocker 1976-1981
New York's iconic new-wave music paper for those not singing 'Hopelessly Devoted To You'.
Village Voice 1969-1970
From the heart of the East Village, take a look back through New York's legendary weekly.
N.Y. World's Fair 1964
Take a ride on the Monorail and 'Ride into Tomorrow' with this gorgeous collection of artifacts from Flushing Meadow Park.
Studio Portraits
Late 1970's collection from a North Carolina photo studio. Often amusing, sometimes frightening.
For One Week Only
An elegant collection of trade ads from a whole other genre; 1970's exploitation. Double-features, lurid titles, blazing action and shocking nudity, all presented with unique showmanship.
Vintage City Slides
Take a boat along the East River, grab a slice at Piper's Alley, stay the night at the Beverly Hills Hotel (rates may have increased) or ride the cable car.
Vintage Las Vegas
Top draw line-up of images from 'a place where gambling is allowed'. Stonking array of marquee signs, interiors, the Strip and a buffet. No filler, just the business.
The Tunnel of Love
Raise a glass and toast these happy couples with our vintage wedding collection.
The Family Album
From the depths of the flea-market; a collection of unknown faces.
Magazine Covers
An engaging variety of notable magazine covers -- you'll find family favorites, along with a smattering of unusual titles thrown in for good measure.
Pin Up Glamour
The seedier side of modeling... but compelling nonetheless.

British Music Press
Tabloid Tales


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