Vintage Advertising for the Distinguished Connoisseur

Founded by the late Sir Roger Delfont, ADSAUSAGE is an open access database of vintage advertising. Since 2004, we've curated a vast array of material spanning the past fifty years. Additionally, the holdings contain a ridiculous amount of pop-culture, including special collections on fashion, film, design, Los Angeles history and much more.

Our goal is safeguarding important artifacts while we continue to ensure this valuable resource is 100% free. The library is a work in progress, and we continue to acquire unique content that is discoverable and accessible to the public.

Recent Ads

Hand selected by old-world craftsmen.

Renown Pictures International / 'Beat' Girl

1960 Oldsmobile

Cesar Romero for Chesterfield

Kroehler / Daven-O sofa

The Vaults

The vaults contain everything uncovered from long-lost collections found in Roger Delfont's warehouses. The content was acquired from his estate and contains a delicious helping of photographs, slides, postcards and magazine covers. With over 3000 items curated, it's an eclectic assortment of pop-culture fluffery we felt compelled to share.

So put the kettle on, grab a Custard Cream or two, and settle in...  This way to the Vault.

Recent Covers

From the vault in Wilmington, North Carolina. The unit was operated by Roger Delfont's late niece, Barbara Beaumont.
 This way for more great covers.

Rave. 1967

Ebony. 1968

Chicago Tribune. 1963


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